23 Nov 2017

Tenant given suspended sentence for nuisance behaviour

A man and woman from Melksham have been given a suspended prison sentence after breaching the terms of injunctions they were both given earlier in the year. 

On Monday 13 November, Salisbury County Court heard how GreenSquare tenant Ms Brown, of Cranesbill Road, Melksham had continuously allowed her partner Mr Drew to visit her home, despite both defendants being served with injunctions in April 2017 stating that Mr Drew was excluded from the area, and Ms Brown was ordered to not invite him back. 

These injunctions were a result of numerous complaints against the couple for antisocial and threatening behaviour to other residents living in Cranesbill Road and GreenSquare staff. 

The Court heard that once inside the exclusion zone, Mr Drew, along with Ms Brown caused a continuous disturbance and nuisance to neighbours and other residents, repeatedly breaching the terms of their injunctions.

Following this latest court hearing, any further breaches of their injunction orders could result in two weeks in prison for Ms Brown and four months in prison for Mr Drew.

Anna Kelly, GreenSquare's tenancy enforcement manager, said: "This is a positive outcome for us, which will help protect our residents who have the right to live peacefully in their home, and feel safe in their communities. 

“The sentence passed down by the court, and the potential for graver consequences for any further breach, should go a long way in ensuring future compliance of the injunction."