16 Mar 2018

New deal diverts GreenSquare's waste from landfill

GreenSquare has arranged a new agreement with waste management company Reconomy, to help us ensure that as much of our waste as possible is being recycled or diverted away from landfill.

Thanks to this new agreement with Reconomy, who will now handle all our waste management, we are being provided with accurate recording of all the volumes of waste removed, and exactly how much is recycled – all via an online portal.

Charles Hyde, GreenSquare's Procurement Transformation Lead, said: "This is really fantastic news for GreenSquare’s sustainability agenda and will allow us to streamline what was a diverse process.

"Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, this move also has commercial benefits for GreenSquare. With Landfill Tax now over £80 per tonne, any material that can be diverted and recycled also represents a significant cost saving for us, which means we will have more money to reinvest in services for our customers.

"We can now easily quantify the waste from all our development sites, offices, and from our repairs and maintenance jobs, and track its removal and responsible disposal."

Reconomy is the UK’s market-leading provider of outsourced recycling and resource management services.

Neil Baldwin (Head of Social Housing Division) from Reconomy said “This is a great addition to the social housing division at Reconomy. With dedicated resource committed to GreenSquare’s account, we will ensure best practice is adhered to and we will provide industry-leading information management so that GreenSquare can monitor and measure all their waste movements on the contract. We have some really exciting developments to implement throughout the year, which will provide further cost saving and operational efficiencies.

To find out more about Reconomy, visit www.reconomy.com