2 Nov 2018

Half term fun in community garden

Young Calne residents enjoyed a sunny afternoon of planting in the new community garden at Fitzmaurice Square during half term – and helped make some hedgehog boxes too!

The school holiday activity afternoon was arranged by GreenSquare and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust; the two organisations have worked in partnership to bring the communal garden area at Fitzmaurice Square back to life.

Before the garden was officially opened in June, extensive work was carried out by the Wiltshire Community Payback Team, as part of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Milestones project, which helps young people to connect with their local, natural environment. This included the creation of new planting areas and this week's activity was focused on planting plants in those areas.

Children attending the session also helped build some hedgehog boxes, learning that this could encourage hedgehogs to stay in the garden and hibernate for the winter; it was also explained that hedgehogs are the gardener’s friend because they will eat slugs, beetles and other potential garden pests.

Sue Matthews, Community Involvement Officer at GreenSquare, said: "We were treated to a sunny, if chilly, afternoon and it was lovely it was to see the youngsters getting so enthusiastically involved in the planting and making the hedgehog boxes."