12 Jan 2021

GreenSquare launches new customer engagement strategy

We've launched our new customer engagement strategy, which sets out how we want to work with our customers to shape our services for the better.

This new strategy is our commitment to listening to what’s important to customers and is also an invitation to get them involved in helping us to become a simply brilliant landlord. 

The vision for our customer engagement strategy 2021 is simple: to create a simply brilliant service through collaboration, inviting scrutiny, and creating solutions together with customers. This document demonstrates how we will deliver our vision to be a simply brilliant landlord; how customers can get involved; key insights from customers; and contains a detailed action plan showing how we will achieve our aims and by when. 

Rachel Crownshaw, Customer Experience Director, said: "We launched our latest corporate strategy, ‘Simply Brilliant’, in September 2019, with a very clear focus: create a truly customer-focused organisation that delivers core landlord services well. Positive change is rarely achieved alone, which is why we want customers to get involved and work together with us.

"Over the past 12 months, we have been on a journey to transform the way we deliver services to our customers, powered by the knowledge that we haven’t always got things right, and by people who want to change that for the future. We’ve made significant progress in changing the way we do things internally, but success will be when customers feel the difference every time they interact with us.

“There’s lots more yet to do, and we believe we can achieve more if we work together. As a housing association, we exist to meet the needs of the customers and communities we serve and this customer engagement strategy sets out some of the ways in which we seek to understand what customers need from us and shape our services accordingly.

"For me, this isn’t a corporate document – it’s an open invitation to all customers to get involved and be heard. We’re ready for action; let’s make a difference together.”

To view the strategy, click here.

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