8 Oct 2020

Could you be part of our Customer Panel?

Ever thought GreenSquare could do better? Wanted the chance to tell us what’s important to you? Had ideas about how we could do things differently? 

If you have, we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you to join our Customer Panel! With members from across all the regions we work in, who live in all types of housing we provide, we’re keen to expand the panel's membership to make sure we have a variety of views represented. 

The panel, created earlier this year, is a group of customers who meet regularly to work together to scrutinise and shape the services we offer on behalf of all our customers. The panel has already:

  • set up and held virtual meetings – members can join in from anywhere;
  • discussed the areas of performance they want review; and
  • started looking into how the contact centre is planning to change, how we learn from complaints, and what our supported housing service is and does.

Louise Pettinger, Chair of the Customer Panel, said: “This year has been a challenging year for everyone, but it’s great that we have still been able to form this new panel – arguably at a time when it is even more important for customer voices to be heard.  

“There are a lot of important projects taking place at GreenSquare at the moment. With four successful virtual panel meetings held so far, we’re hopefully helping GreenSquare to understand their residents’ point of views as they adapt and move the business forward.

“I am a great believer that if you want to effect change, you need to get involved and make your voice heard, so I would like to encourage others to step forward and help us do just that.” 

Jenny, a panel member from Gloucester, said: “I have been a housing association resident for 22 years, first with Oxbode, and then when they were taken over, with GreenSquare. When I first read about the formation of a Customer Panel I knew it was something I’d like to be involved with. 

“While my tenancy has been a mostly positive experience, there have been a few issues along the way. So I felt my experience would be helpful, as part of the Customer Panel, to enable the board and managers to hear a residents point of view.”

If you have something you’d like to share with the Customer Panel, you can contact them directly by emailing Customer.panel@greensquaregroup.com.  Alternatively, phone 01249 465 465 and ask to leave a message for the Customer Panel.

If you are interested in joining the panel contact cit@greensquaregroup.com or phone 01249 465465. 

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