2 Feb 2021

Beware of scam phone calls

We have recently been informed about scammers calling customers pretending to be from GreenSquare and attempting to obtain bank details.

These particular scams are carried out by phone, known as ‘vishing’, or by email, known as ‘phishing’. The fraudsters try to con people into giving away sensitive information, typically bank details but also other personal information and passwords.

There has been a rise in these scams lately, with fraudsters using Covid-19 as a reason to prey on people's health and financial fears.

Jan Morse, Neighbourhood Operations Manager at GreenSquare comments: "Scammers are often very clever and have been known to work out a customer’s date of birth and who their landlord is. They’ll use what seems like a genuine reason for the call, for example updating property records for gas servicing, to get the information they want."

If you receive such a call and are not confident that it is genuine, end the call. You can contact our customer service team on 01249 465465 who can help look into whether the call was from GreenSquare.

To report a scam and help stop it happening to others call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. You can also report a scam online and find out more advice on their website at www.actionfraud.police.uk

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