31 Mar 2019

Young mums celebrate first Mother's Day

Young mothers living in supported accommodation in Trowbridge have celebrated their first Mother’s Day with an afternoon tea.

Newburn House, owned and managed by GreenSquare, provides short-term accommodation for young mothers and mothers-to-be, aged 16-24, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The service has been running for 16 years offering safe and secure accommodation and support.

For three of the mothers currently living at Newburn House this year's Mother’s Day was their first, and staff organised an afternoon tea to celebrate.

Hazel Rutland, GreenSquare's support worker at Newburn House, said: “We wanted to do something special for the mums, particularly with it being their first Mother’s Day. They have all had similar experiences and really support each other, so it has been great to mark the occasion together with them and their little ones.

“Over the past 16 years we have successfully provided safe accommodation for over 90 women who’ve found themselves in difficult situations.

“While they are with us, we help them to make informed choices about their long-term housing and support needs. We also provide learning opportunities covering independent living skills, child development, and managing money, as well as access to educational and vocational opportunities.”

Cody, 20, moved in to Newburn House a week before her son Jay (now eight months old) was due. “It is my first Mother’s Day, which is really nice, but also scary, because I’m a mum now,” she said.

Charlotte is 18 and also has a son, Lee who is now 16 months. “This is my second Mother’s Day. Lee was only four months then, and I was living with my partner at the time, so it’s different now. He’s going to be going to nursery this year, and I can start getting him into things that he wants to do. He loves playing with other kids, so nursery is probably going to help him a lot.”

Speaking about her time at Newburn House Charlotte said: “It’s a different experience in your life, but it helps for people who don’t have anywhere else to go. It’s more of a safety thing as well, somewhere safe to bring your child up.”

Cody agrees. “It’s a stepping stone really for us,” she said. “You’ve got staff to help you if you’re stuck. Places like this mean people won’t be homeless and will have somewhere for their child. It’s a nice group in the house. We’ve done baby group together and we’re going to go again.”

You can watch a video of the afternoon tea below.

GreenSquare is committed to working with local authorities and other organisations to provide specialist support and housing to vulnerable people. In addition to Newburn House, it also manages Garden Court in Calne, a young family scheme offering nine self-contained flats for couples or single parents with young children, or pregnant women, who are vulnerable, homeless or threatened with homelessness.


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