22 Dec 2016

Winner of Christmas card competition announced

GreenSquare's Gloucestershire housing support team ran its annual Christmas card competition this month and is delighted to unveil the winning design, which was created by Mollie Curtis. 

This year, the team had over 30 entries from clients, volunteers and local community groups. Mollie, from Bishops Cleeve, who attends GreenSquare's New Friends Network, put her craft skills into action and created the winning card design featuring a stag.

GreenSquare presented Mollie with a £20 shopping voucher, and had 250 cards, featuring her design, printed - these have been sent to the team's suppliers, partners and clients.

James Aldridge, GreenSquare's community involvement officer who lead the project, said: "We were delighted to have so many people take the time and effort to design cards for our competition - we were impressed with everyone's artistic talents!

"Congratulations to Mollie for designing the winning card."

Mollie has lived in Bishops Cleeve for the past 35 years. She enjoys all things crafty and spends her free time upcycling furniture. Recently Mollie ran a cupcake decorating workshop for other members of the New Friends Network.