14 Aug 2020

Therapeutic gardening project supported by community fund

GreenSquare has awarded Swindon-based TWIGS (Therapeutic Work In Gardening in Swindon) a grant of nearly £500, to help the project continue to support its service users during lockdown.

The project is run by Friends of Twigs, an independent charity, which gives financial and practical support to TWIGS to provide horticultural and craft-related therapy, providing positive work-related opportunities for people recovering from mental illness. 

Thanks to the grant of £482 from GreenSquare, TWIGS has been able to deliver 45 home gardening kits to service users during lockdown. 

The money has been awarded from GreenSquare's Community Fund, which gives grants to community groups and organisations whose projects benefit their local communities (in an area where GreenSquare has homes in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire). 

A panel of customer volunteers is responsible for reviewing applications and awarding grants from the fund of up to £500. 

Julie Bielby, Community Involvement Manager at GreenSquare, said: “TWIGS really understands the therapeutic benefits that working with nature can bring to those experiencing mental health problems, and this has never been more essential for some people struggling with their mental health problems during lockdown. 

“We are delighted to be able to support such a worthy cause.” 

Alan Holland, Manager of TWIGS, said: "GreenSquare’s generosity has enabled TWIGS to carry on giving a measure of support to people who have mental health issues during this period of great uncertainty and confusion

“The kits – comprising small seedlings, a couple of plants, an edible or two, a sweet pea, plus a willow support, some pots, compost and labels – were delivered all round Swindon by a team of volunteers and were enthusiastically received. 

"Growing and nurturing plants is known to be therapeutic - never underestimate the great healing power of gardening!"

For more information about the GreenSquare Community Fund, and to find out how you can apply for a grant for your project or organisation, click here

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