9 Sep 2019

Taking forward your views on new housing initiative

GreenSquare is one of 130 housing associations to sign up as an early adopter of the Together with Tenants initiative from the National Housing Federation (NHF). 

This piece of work aims to build a more collaborative and stronger relationship between housing associations and their tenants and residents.  

To drive their ambition the NHF developed a draft plan setting out four actions key to creating this stronger relationship; which includes being more accountable to our tenants and residents, and the introduction of a new charter setting out what you can expect from your housing association. 

Earlier in the year we encouraged you to share your feedback with the NHF on the plans as part of their open consultation. We also ran our own survey to get your thoughts on the plans and whether you thought we should adopt all or some of their suggestions. You can read the results of that survey here

Your feedback contributed to 2,500 responses in total that the NHF received during their consultation. 

They have since published a revised plan and charter, taking into account this feedback, which is available to view here. It also explains how they intend to take each of the four actions forward. 

What’s the next step? 

As an early adopter of the Together with Tenants plan, GreenSquare is now going to be testing and evaluating it. This will involve testing out the proposals with customers and sharing our experiences, findings and feedback. 

Julie Bielby, community involvement manager at GreenSquare, said: “From our customer feedback it was pleasing to see that the majority were supportive of the aims of the Together with Tenants plan and improving relationships between housing associations and their tenants and residents.

“By signing up to be an early adopter, GreenSquare has a great opportunity to contribute to this national initiative and make sure that our customers’ voices are heard.

“It also gives us a key opportunity to discuss how the plan could work for us at a local level and what mechanisms we’ll need in place to enable customers to holds us to account on the issues that matter to them.”

GreenSquare will be involved in testing the plan through to spring 2020 and going forward, the NHF are aiming for a wider national rollout of the Together with Tenants plan in mid-2020.

We will be keeping you updated on our progress and you can also get latest updates on the initiative via the NHF’s website here. 


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