1 Jul 2013

Suspended prison sentence for Chippenham man

A Chippenham man has been sentenced to 14 days in prison, suspended for one year, after breaching the terms of an injunction that housing association, GreenSquare, obtained against him in April.  

That injunction had stated that noise must be kept to a minimum, there should be no annoying, abusive or aggressive behaviour towards other residents and no more than two guests are allowed in the property at a time. 

The sentence from Chippenham County Court against Keith Jones, of Greenway Lane, Chippenham, has been given following the discovery by local police on 26 June that he had breached the terms of the original injunction by allowing more than two people into his flat.

 In accordance with the terms of the suspended prison sentence, if Mr Jones breaches this injunction again, he will be required to serve time in prison and will also face the possibility of having his home repossessed.

Sue Burnett, Antisocial Behaviour Officer at GreenSquare, said: “We are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour in neighbourhoods where we have homes and, in situations like this, we work very closely with the local police to ensure that problems are dealt with. 

“We will continue to take the action required to preserve and maintain other residents’ right to a peaceful and safe living environment and will not tolerate any behaviour that impacts on this.”

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