20 Nov 2012

Residents make a bid for communal improvements

A new bin store, extra parking spaces, and the planting of a willow tree were just some of what was given the go-ahead when GreenSquare residents and board members voted on how to spend £25,000 to improve communal areas.

The Estate Improvement Fund event was part of GreenSquare’s Isis Communities Board annual meeting, held at Greater Ley’s Clockhouse recently. Local residents put forward their suggestions for improvements to be considered by other residents and Communities Board members.

There were nine submissions and everyone who attended the event took part in a vote at the end of the evening to support their favourite suggestions.

Lew Fryer, Community Involvement Officer, explained: “Residents had the opportunity to set up a stand to promote their proposal for communal improvements in their area of up to £5,000. And, people made a tremendous effort! Residents had photos, fact sheets and in some cases PowerPoint presentations on their stalls.

“There was a really great atmosphere at the event with lots of enthusiastic discussion about each of the proposed projects. In the end, we were able to give the go ahead to all nine suggestions, which included a locked bin store with cover and two extra parking spaces at Marsh Court; new furniture and improvements for the communal room at Wingfield Court; and the planting of a willow tree in communal garden for more privacy at Rackham Place.

“We are always keen to involve residents in decisions to make improvements to their communities, which is why the Estate Improvement Fund event is a vital part of the annual meeting. Letters will now be sent to the residents who might be affected by the proposed projects before the final go ahead is given to start any work.”

To find out more about the successful proposals, please contact Lew Fryer, Community Involvement Officer at GreenSquare, 01865 788753 or lew.fryer@greensquaregroup.com.

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