16 Aug 2013

Research about welfare reform and work

GreenSquare and a group of eight partnering housing associations want to understand how residents are coping with the benefit changes, what advantages or barriers to work they face, and who gains and losses from the welfare reforms.

We have commissioned a team of researchers from the London School of Economics (LSE) to find out if and how welfare reform will encourage households to find and hold down work.

10 neighbourhoods across the south west region have been chosen for the research, including Purton in Wiltshire, and LSE researchers will be contacting residents in these areas to get their views.

The research aims to draw attention to the region’s diverse communities and the big challenges facing the South West, looking especially at local employment conditions and work opportunities. The final report will show how welfare reforms are affecting tenants lives, and their prospects in the job market. It will also look at impacts on disability, homelessness, poverty, local services and private renting.

If you are contacted please consider participating in this important study, and if you would like to take part in this research, please contact LSE Housing and Communities at the following number: 02079556752 or via email at lsehousingandcommunities@lse.ac.uk



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