23 Jan 2015

Primary school pupils visit GreenSquare building site

Forty-two pupils from Redland Primary visited a GreenSquare building site near their school on Friday, 23 January, to find out more about the new homes being built there.

There was much excitement as the children were shown round the construction site at Redland in Chippenham, where GreenSquare is building three bungalows for affordable rent. A representative from GreenSquare’s project team and from contractors Pippin Construction, who have built the homes, were on hand to welcome the year six pupils aged between 10 and 11. 

Caroline Howlett, development project manager at GreenSquare, said: “We like to engage the local community in areas where we are building new homes - since the pupils have seen the work going on for the past year, they were particularly interested in having a look around and asked some really interesting questions." 

Redland Primary School teacher, Veronika Joy, said: “We were delighted to accept the invitation for the children to visit the site. It a was great opportunity for them to find out exactly what has been going on down the road." 

The children learnt about what has been built at the site and were shown a variety of the materials that were used during the building process. They also learnt about how heating and water pipes, and power cables are installed to help them understand how hot water and electricity runs in their own homes, linking in with their studies about utilities. 

Dan Sault, Contract Manager at Pippin Construction, said: “We made sure that understanding health and safety was also a key component of the visit. We tailored the tour to ensure the children stayed in areas of safety. I spoke to the children about the reasons for this and how important it is to follow health and safety guidelines on a live construction site.”

The three detached two-bedroom bungalows were designed by GreenSquare's in-house team of architectural designers. They each have a private garden and parking space and are set to be completed next month (February).

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