6 Jun 2019

Positive results for tenancy enforcement team

Recent tenancy enforcement action by GreenSquare has helped tackle antisocial behaviour, property damage and also protected vulnerable residents.

The tenancy enforcement team is there to deal with and resolve any breaches of tenancy, including antisocial behaviour.

They deal with a variety of cases and often work closely with other organisations, including local councils and police. There are a number of actions they can take to resolve tenancy issues, including:


Last month an injunction was obtained against a visitor to a GreenSquare property in Oxford who had taken over a tenant’s home, using it to sell drugs and causing antisocial behaviour. The visitor had links to national drug networks, and the tenant had been unable to get them to leave.

The injunction brought against the visitor means that he’ll risk arrest and a potential two-year prison sentence or £5,000 fine if he is found at the property. He was also banned from all other GreenSquare properties.

In April, the team also obtained injunctions against two people who had been harassing vulnerable GreenSquare residents in Oxford. The pair gained access to a vulnerable tenant’s flat pretending to be his friends, then threatened him with violence and abused his home. Other tenants had also been affected by noise from the pair and police visits.

They are now banned from entering the building and surrounding area and risk arrest, as well as prison or a fine.

Anna Kelly, tenancy enforcement manager, said: “These are positive outcomes for us and for our residents who have the right to live peacefully in their home, and feel safe in their communities.”


A GreenSquare tenant in Calne threatened his neighbours with a weapon and allowed his home to be used for illegal activities including drug taking and drug dealing.

After being convicted of assault and due to the threats to his neighbours, the team were able obtain a final possession order meaning the tenant was evicted from his home in May.

Another tenant living in Chippenham was regularly using cannabis, dealing drugs, and being abusive to GreenSquare employees. After a two-year case which saw numerous complaints and neighbours appearing as witnesses in court, the tenant was evicted in May.

The tenant also had large rent arrears and had caused significant damage to the property and the garden. This has since been reported to the police as criminal damage and repair costs will be recharged to them. 

Anna continues: “As you can see from all these examples, tenants can be the victim of antisocial behaviour and also the cause. For anyone on the receiving end it can be frustrating, distressing and also make you feel unsafe, this is why taking action against antisocial behaviour is a priority for us.”

Closure orders

After complaints that a property in Swindon was being used for illegal purposes, the tenancy enforcement team worked with police to arrange a closure order.

A closure order is used for dealing with or preventing public nuisance or disorder, and bans access to the premises.

The closure order was served on the tenant in May and banned all visitors to the address apart from the tenant and named relatives, as well as police, GreenSquare staff and other named professionals.

Due to the seriousness of the unlawful use of the address, GreenSquare will be taking further action concerning the tenancy.

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