12 Sep 2017

Oaksey residents invited to comment on neighbourhood plan

Oaksey Neighbourhood Planning Group and GreenSquare are inviting local people to have their say about the new Oaksey Neighbourhood Plan.

Local residents are invited along to the neighbourhood plan village meeting to give their feedback on Wednesday 13 September from 7pm until 9pm.

Phil Bowley, GreenSquare's Head of Regeneration, said: "Because GreenSquare is collaborating with the Oaksey Neighbourhood planning group to explore the potential to redevelop some areas in Oaksey, we will also be attending the event to talk to local residents.

"We would like to look at options to bring new affordable homes to the village, which fits in with the neighbourhood plan, however, before we put any proposals together, we’re keen to hear from local residents about their views of living in Oaksey."

The event is taking place in Oaksey village hall. For more information, visit www.oakseyvillage.org.