10 Oct 2013

New study to look at the impact of welfare reform

GreenSquare has joined 11 other housing organisations in the South West to form the South West Housing Association Influence and Leadership Organisation (HAILO) and commission a study on the impact of welfare reform.

Renowned housing expert Professor Anne Power and her team at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) will be conducting the research, entitled ‘Work Incentives After Welfare Reform: Following social housing tenants on their pathways to work’. The 18 month long study will look in detail at how the government’s welfare reform programme will influence tenants’ work opportunities in the region by looking at a wide range of issues including:


• How welfare reform is influencing residents’ choices
• The barriers and consequences on residents who are in work, seeking work or workless
• The costs and benefits of working or not working
• What ‘success’ and ‘failure’ mean in individual lives and for social landlords
• How social landlords in the region respond
• The wider implications of the reforms for inequality and people’s sense of fairness.

Ann Cornelius, Executive Director (Customers and Communities) at GreenSquare, said: “Welfare reform has been created to simplify the benefit system to help bring stability to the housing market and improve incentives for people to find work or increase their hours. 

“We’re excited to be a part of this important study, which will help us to understand how residents are coping with the benefit changes, what advantages or barriers to work they face, and who gains and loses from the reforms. The final report should provide us with solid, independent evidence of what’s working and what’s not with the policy and inform us of how we can better support our residents and ensure a fair system.”

The research began in April 2013 with a baseline study. An interim report will be issued in late 2013, and the full report will be published in Autumn 2014.

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