25 Mar 2015

New project brings greener energy to Rose Hill

Thanks to funding from GreenSquare, an exciting new project is being rolled out in Rose Hill, Oxford, which will see homes across the neighbourhood turned into a localised power station for the community.

Project ERIC (Energy Resources for Integrated Communities) is bringing clean, green solar power and battery energy storage to up to 100 homes in Rose Hill. Some of these homes will also receive state-of-the-art low energy LED lighting.

It is jointly funded by GreenSquare, Moxia Technology, the UK government and Oxford City Council and will bring considerable investment to the local area over the next two and a half years.

Tom Pritchard, GreenSquare’s Commercial Director leads on the company’s green strategy. Tom said: “This is an exciting project to be involved with and I am positive that residents will benefit from this innovative way of generating and using electricity. They should see their bills come down as a result and hopefully also see additional benefits through storing the solar energy.”

The project aims to show that by generating and using green electricity within a community it can cut energy bills, benefit the environment and give residents more control over the way they use their energy. The system works to cut levels of electricity exports at peak times while reducing imports from the grid, making entire communities more energy self-sufficient.

Andy Edwards of Bioregional, who is running the overall project, said “We are hoping to get this to be a new way for the electricity grid to work with communities across the country.”

Fran Gardner, GreenSquare’s Rose Hill project coordinator, Jamie Clark, GreenSquare’s Rose Hill volunteer coordinator, and members of GreenSquare’s Green Team are also helping to deliver the project.

GreenSquare resident, Laura Laubeova lives on John Parker Close was among the first to sign up to the scheme. She said: “I’m excited to have been selected for this project. I hope it will make my bills look a bit more friendly! I also feel that any such initiative is extremely positive for the future of our children and their children.”

Sixty homes will have solar PVs installed and receive battery storage. The installation takes less than a day and allows residents to start generating and storing clean solar electricity immediately.

For further information, contact Elaine Hargate on elaine.hargate@greensquaregroup.com 

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