5 Jun 2020

New initiative designed to make our communities greener

Today (5 June) is World Environment Day – the perfect day to launch our new initiative designed to help make our communities greener.

GreenSquare is pledging to plant a tree for every new home we build. This means that we will be planting around 350 trees a year.

Jo Curson, GreenSquare's Assistant Director - Development, said: "Here at GreenSquare, we are committed to the principle of minimising our environmental impact and promoting good environmental practice. We are working towards a renewable energy future including sustainable methods of construction and maintenance of our existing homes. 

"This new initiative further demonstrates our commitment to our environmental responsibilities. Trees are a vital part of every community, providing benefits for humans, the natural environment and our wildlife. They give us oxygen; store carbon; stabilise the soil; improve our air quality; and they leave a legacy for future generations."

We need your help!

If you are a community group or school based in an area where GreenSquare has homes, you can apply to have some of these trees planted nearby. Would you like to create your own woodland or orchard?

Please register your interest by filling in our form here

Please get in touch with Sue for more information by calling 07776055055 or by emailing cit@greensquaregroup.com