1 Apr 2015

Introducing the Angie Clapp Awards

Have you been helped by a fellow resident? Does one of your neighbours work hard to improve your neighbourhood? Or do you know of a resident group that champions residents’ rights?   

In the latest issue of our residents’ magazine, G2, we launched the Angie Clapp Awards – GreenSquare’s annual awards to recognise individuals or groups who have worked to improve the lives of their fellow residents.  

We want to hear from you with your nominations! For example, you might what to nominate someone who has: started up a group, lunch club or coffee morning; long service running an activity; worked to improve neighbourhoods; supported other residents who are having problems in their daily lives; or been involved with GreenSquare, for example as a Board or Scrutiny Panel member, or as a Resident Inspector. 

There will be two winners per year – a group winner and an individual winner. The  group winner will be awarded £500 (to be  spent on group activities) and the individual winner will be awarded £250. 

The awards have been set up in memory of Angie Clapp, a former Westlea and GreenSquare Board member and Chair of the  Tenants Participation Advisory Service (TPAS), who sadly passed away in February 2014. 

Wendy Spray, Head of Community Involvement  at GreenSquare, said: “Angie made a big difference to many people’s lives both directly and indirectly through her work in housing and in the community. These awards recognise and celebrate her huge contribution to GreenSquare and the way she championed the rights of residents. 

“TPAS’ Chief Executive, Jenny Osbourne, who worked closely with Angie over the years, has kindly agreed that she will judge the applications. We’re looking forward to receiving the entries!”  

Recommendations for an award must be put forward in up to 200 words and your nomination must be supported by one other  GreenSquare resident. You can’t put forward someone you are related  to or who lives at the same address as you, but you can nominate someone who lives in the same block of flats or sheltered housing  scheme as you. 

Closing date for entries is 30 April 2015. To recommend an individual or group  for an award, please contact Jayne Castell by emailing jayne.castell@greensquaregroup.com  or call 01249 465465 for a nomination form. 

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