12 May 2020

Introducing our new Customer Panel

We’ve recently finished recruiting for our new Customer Panel – the new group we’ve set up to work in partnership with GreenSquare to challenge and design how we deliver our services.

This new Panel will ensure that we listen to what our customers are saying and help us to shape improvements to our landlord service.

We have successfully recruited 13 members, including a Chair for the Panel. The new recruits include nine customers from Wiltshire, two from Oxford and one from Gloucester. They are a mix of new customers, and those who have lived in our properties for a long time, and a whole range of ages from a variety of backgrounds.

Ross Kuklinski, Housing & Support Services Assistant Director, explained: “We are continually looking at ways that we can improve the service we provide, and we know that we can do that best if we work together with our customers.

“This is also something that the Social Housing Regulator expects of us – we are required to consult and involve customers on any services that directly affect them.”

The Panel’s role is to scrutinise, advise and co-create. Panel members will hear the customers’ voices through the feedback we receive from surveys, complaints and consultations. Customers will also be able to contact the Panel directly.

Ross added: “We have adopted the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants commitment to be accountable to our customers. And the Customer Panel will have a key role in helping us to meet this challenge.”

Louise Pettinger has been appointed as the new Chair of the Panel. Louise was previously involved with the Customer Service and Insight Committee and has been part of our customer complaints panels in the past.

Louise said: “What I like about the Customer Panel is that it is going back to basics. The focus of the group will be to look at the things that matter most to customers.”

The Panel will link with GreenSquare’s Board and keep them informed of customer priorities.

The first meeting of the Panel is taking place on 28 May as a video meeting.