27 Apr 2017

Injunction successfully served by text message

GreenSquare has successfully served an injunction order via text for the first time, after the son of a tenant, who was threatening and abusive towards a staff member, proved too evasive and difficult to serve an order to in person. 

In February, the man, who had been visiting his mother, a GreenSquare tenant in a 55+ scheme in Oxford, became abusive and threatening to one of GreenSquare’s community officers. As a result, GreenSquare obtained an injunction, without notice, to stop him coming near the area, or using threatening or abusive behaviour.

However, GreenSquare was unable to serve him with the papers because he became too evasive, which meant the injunction wasn't enforceable. So, the judge allowed for the notice to be served via a series of text messages – a first for GreenSquare.   

Anna Kelly, Tenancy Enforcement Manager at GreenSquare, said: “We were determined to serve this man with the injunction, despite his efforts to prevent us from doing so. Just like all of our tenants have the right to live in a peaceful and safe environment, so too do our staff members have the right to carry out their job without feeling threatened, and we absolutely won't tolerate anyone treating our staff in such a manner.  

"We worked closely with our ICT team, so that we were able to send the man a text showing him the area he must not enter or risk being arrested by the police. We were pleased to be able to find a way to contact the man and enforce the injunction, which was also accepted by the Court.”

GreenSquare also obtained an injunction against its tenant, which ordered her not to allow or invite her son to her address. She was also ordered not to cause or allow anyone else to cause a nuisance at her address, or use insulting language or threaten violence.