27 Nov 2019

Have your say on new play equipment at Rabley Wood

Local residents had the chance to view options for a new play area on land at Rabley Wood View in Marlborough at a consultation event in the town hall recently.

Sue Matthews, Community Involvement Officer at GreenSquare, said: "As part of our proposals for the development of land at Rabley Wood View, we will be installing new play equipment and a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) to replace the play area previously on the site.

"We are also pleased to let people know that we have been able to bring the delivery of most aspects of the play area forward closer to the start of the project, rather than at the end as previously advised."

To view the three proposed options for the new play equipment, please click on the links below.

Option A [PDF]

Option B [PDF]

Option C [PDF]

If you'd like to let us know which of the options you'd prefer to see at Rabley Wood View, please email any comments to susan.matthews@greensquaregroup.com by Monday 16 December 2019.

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