27 Sep 2018

Happy residents move into new bungalows in Culverhay

Fourteen new homes have been completed in Culverhay, Cricklade as part of the second phase of GreenSquare’s regeneration project to breathe new life into the neighbourhood.

Work began on phase two of the regeneration project in January 2018 and has seen GreenSquare's appointed contractor for the project, E G Carter & Co Ltd, demolishing six bungalows and building five bungalows and nine houses in their place. 

All residents have now moved into their new homes, vacating properties that will be demolished in later phases of the project. 

(Pictured centre) Mrs White has moved from a bungalow, which is set to be demolished as part of phase three, into a brand new two-bedroom bungalow in the newly created Skylark Rise, and is surprised at how spacious her new home is.

"It's been designed really well," said Mrs White. "I watched the properties in phase one of the project being built and they all looked really good, so I was excited for my bungalow to be finished.

“I’ve lived in Culverhay for the past 16 years and my family lives here too, so I’m glad to be able to stay in the area. I have much more space in this new bungalow and a lovely big garden too. I couldn’t be happier.”

The wider regeneration project includes plans to demolish 65 older properties in total, replacing them with 109 energy efficient and comfortable homes, which will be a mixture of shared ownership, affordable rent and outright sale.

Tom Chapman-Young, GreenSquare's regeneration officer, said: "It has been a pleasure working with residents of Skylark Rise and moving them into their new homes. So far, this regeneration project has been an ongoing success that has made a dramatic improvement to the area – we're really beginning to see the look of the whole neighbourhood changing.

"We're glad to hear that the residents are happy with their new homes and we're looking forward to working with other residents in Culverhay as we progress with phase three of the project."

Phase one of the project was completed before Christmas 2017 when four houses were demolished and five bungalows and three houses were built in their place.