26 Sep 2012

GreenSquare's David Ashmore to step down next year

David Ashmore has announced that he will step down as GreenSquare's chief executive in 2013. The exact date is yet to be determined, and will fit in with the appointment of his successor, but it is likely to be sometime between June and August.

"By August next year I will have worked for 40 years in housing – and will have served as chief executive of Oxford Citizens, Westlea, and then GreenSquare, for the last 25 years which has been an enormous privilege," said David. "But I had always planned to do a few other things before ‘formal’ retirement!"

Hilary Gardner, Group Chair, said: "Whilst there is no doubt that Dave will be a huge loss to GreenSquare, having decided myself to ‘step down’ from full-time work three years ago, I can appreciate and respect the decision he has made.

"As Dave has given us a good amount of time to plan, the Board will use that time to consider carefully the calibre and skills required by his successor – there's no doubt he will be a very very hard act to follow."

Hilary said that the selection of consultants to work with the Board on the recruitment would happen over the next couple of months. The formal recruitment process will then get underway in February 2013 with the aim of offering the job around the end of March 2013.

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