13 Sep 2015

GreenSquare takes a hard line against illegal activity

GreenSquare has obtained a seven year Suspended Possession Order against a Swindon resident, which means that he must keep to the terms of his tenancy agreement or face losing his home.

The order from Swindon County Court against the resident from Siren Close, Swindon,  has been obtained following the discovery by GreenSquare staff that he had been allowing his property to be used for an illegal business by his mother, who had been operating a brothel out of her son’s home. 

The conditions of the order state that the resident must now keep to all the terms of his tenancy agreement, including not allowing his property to be used for any illegal purposes. It was also agreed that if his mother steps foot in the property, it will also be a breach of the order, and would give GreenSquare the right to repossess his home.

Sue Burnett, GreenSquare’s Tenancy Enforcement Officer, said: “GreenSquare has a zero tolerance approach to any tenant involved in any form of criminal activity. This includes allowing anyone else to carry out illegal activities from one of our properties or in the communities where we are landlord.

“It was clear from the evidence gathered that this resident had allowed his house to be used as a base for an illegal business, in this case by his mother. This is the longest Suspended Possession Order we’ve ever been granted – generally orders last between one and two years – which shows just how seriously this matter has been taken. If he breaks any of the terms of his tenancy agreement in the next seven years, or allows his mother to visit the property, the consequence would cause him to lose his home.

“If any of our residents are experiencing problems with ASB, or suspect that one of our properties is being used for illegal purposes, we urge them to get in touch with us – we will work with our partners, including the local police, to resolve the issues.”

If you would like to report antisocial behaviour in your community during normal working hours (Monday – Friday, 9am until 5pm), please call the GreenSquare contact centre on 01249 465 465. To report an incident out-of-hours, please call the ASB Freephone line on 0800 075 66 99 or text ‘ASB’ to 80800.

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