6 Mar 2015

GreenSquare takes a hard line against ASB

GreenSquare has demonstrated its commitment to reducing and resolving antisocial behaviour by taking possession of one its properties in Gloucester. 

The landlord took steps to take possession of the property in Diamond Jubilee Close, after the tenant, Wensdale Johnson, was sentenced to six years in prison in August 2014 for possession of, and conspiracy to supply, heroin and crack cocaine. 

GreenSquare obtained a possession order in December 2014 and gave Mr Johnson’s partner, who was not a GreenSquare tenant, the chance to find alternative accommodation. When she refused to leave the property voluntarily, GreenSquare took the necessary action to evict her. 

Anna Kelly, GreenSquare’s Senior Antisocial Behaviour Senior Officer, said: “GreenSquare has a zero tolerance approach to any tenant involved in criminal activity and serious antisocial behaviour. This includes dealing drugs, or allowing anyone else to deal drugs, from one of our properties or in the communities where we are landlord.

“It was clear from the evidence gathered that Mr Johnson had allowed his house to be used as a base for illegal activities. In cases such as these, when someone uses one of our properties for a crime, they’re putting themselves and their families at risk of becoming homeless. Where we have strong evidence, we will continue to take a firm line and apply for court injunctions and carry out evictions where necessary.    

“If any of our residents are experiencing problems with ASB, we urge them to get in touch with us – we will work with our partners, including the local police, to resolve the issues.”

If you would like to report antisocial behaviour in your community during normal working hours (Monday – Friday, 9am until 5pm), please call the GreenSquare contact centre on 01249 465 465. To report an incident out-of-hours, please call the ASB Freephone line on 0800 075 66 99 or text ‘ASB’ to 80800

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