23 Jul 2013

GreenSquare residents go on safari

Residents from GreenSquare’s Disability Steering Group invited other GreenSquare residents with a disability to visit Longleat recently, and received such a great response that they had to organise two trips.

Over 80 GreenSquare residents from across Wiltshire said that they would like to go to visit the safari park near Bath, to see the huge variety of animals that make the park their home, including; lions, tigers,  giraffes, gorillas, rhinos, penguins and seals.

Jill Stringfellow, Senior Community Involvement Advisor, went along on the first trip earlier this month, with Chrissy Fisher, Community Involvement Researcher. Jill said: “The day was brilliant – and not just because of the lovely hot weather.  We went round the safari park, which was a great experience, although we avoided the monkeys who have a reputation for ripping parts like windscreen wipers off visiting cars!

“After that, people had the opportunity to do whatever they fancied. Some went up to the main house and saw the doll collection, whilst others had a ride on the old fashioned train.

“Trips like these are fantastic opportunities to talk to our residents in an informal setting and find out about any issues that might be affecting them and just get to know them better.  Part of the Disability Steering Group’s remit is to organise trips for residents with disabilities and run the Disability Forum, so events like this give them the opportunity to tell others what the forum is all about and get to know each other.”

The Disability Forum is open to all GreenSquare residents and is aimed at people with disabilities and anyone with an interest in disability issues. There is a steering group of residents who plan meetings, social activities, influence service improvements and increase awareness of issues with GreenSquare residents and staff. 

For more information, please contact Jill Stringfellow on 01249 467645.

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