15 Feb 2017

GreenSquare promotes responsible pet ownership

GreenSquare has worked with a local charity to rehome some ferrets found living with one of its tenants in a flat in Oxford.

GreenSquare became aware that there were five ferrets living at the address after receiving a number of complaints from neighbours about the smell and the damage the animals were doing to the property.

After working with the RSPCA and consulting Berkshire-based STA Ferret Rescue, GreenSquare applied for an injunction to compel the tenant to let the ferrets be re-homed in a more suitable environment – which she agreed to do following a court hearing.

Anna Kelly, GreenSquare’s tenancy enforcement manager, said: “We promote responsible pet ownership in our properties, in line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and work to ensure that any pets do not cause a nuisance to other residents living in our homes.

“While we recognise the benefits having a pet can bring, we need to make sure that there are controls in place in the best interests of our residents, our properties and the animals themselves. Our tenancy agreements states that tenants must comply with our pet policy, which sets out what it means to be a responsible pet owner.

“In this instance, it was clear that these five animals were not suitable pets to be kept in a flat and the experts from STA Ferret Rescue agreed. We worked closely with them to make sure that the ferrets were placed in a more appropriate home, and we’d like to thank both them and the RSPCA for all their help.”

To read GreenSquare's pet policy, click here