25 Feb 2020

GreenSquare presents Doorway with cheque for more than £6,500

A team of staff from GreenSquare presented local homelessness charity Doorway with a cheque for £6,586, which the team raised by taking part in Doorway's SleepOut event.

The SleepOut, which took place on 25 January, saw the team of 20 staff members from GreenSquare, spend the night sleeping out in St Andrew's Churchyard in Chippenham, alongside 29 others including Doorway staff, volunteers and people from the local community.

The money raised from the event – nearly £20,000 in total so far – will go towards Doorway's drop in centre, which helps people who are homeless, sofa surfing, or who have complex issues that might affect their ability to acquire or sustain a tenancy.

Ali Owens, Tenancy Enforcement Officer, was one of the GreenSquare staff members who took part. She said: “We have been really overwhelmed by the generosity of people who sponsored us to take part in the SleepOut. For us it was only one night, and we knew that we had a home to go back to, but for many this is their reality every night.

“Wiltshire, like many areas of the UK, has its issues with homelessness. We’re delighted to have raised so much money for Doorway and hope that it will help to ensure that their vital drop-in centre continues.”

Jo Kitching, Doorway's Director, who accepted the cheque from GreenSquare, said: “We’re extremely grateful for the GreenSquare team’s fundraising efforts, and for all the support we've had, and the donations are still coming in. One of the aims of the SleepOut is to raise awareness of what people sleeping on the streets experience daily, and having spoken to some of the GreenSquare team who took part in the event, I can see that we have achieved just that.

“This sort of fundraising is vital for us because it isn’t restricted – we can spend it where we need to, putting it into the services that need it most. Thanks to the amazing support we’ve had from the SleepOut, we have certainty that we’ll still be here and providing our services next year and beyond.”

To find out more about Doorway and the service it provides, visit www.doorwayproject.org.uk