30 Oct 2013

GreenSquare improves its PRC homes to cut residents’ energy costs

PRC home after the work has been completed
  • PRC home before being fitted with external insulation

GreenSquare is in the process of installing insulation on several of its Cornish type 1 precast reinforced concrete (PRC) houses across Wiltshire, as part of an energy saving measure.

The homes, which were built in the 1950s to address the post World War II housing shortage, are not externally insulated and as a result lose unnecessary heat through the walls. 

GreenSquare has been reviewing the homes for many years, in the hopes of upgrading the properties, and has recently been granted 100% funding from the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) to insulate the exterior walls of the properties using a silicone-based render system.

Marc Brooker, Project Surveyor at GreenSquare Group, headed up the project. He explained: “We are delighted to have been able to secure 100% ECO funding for this project worth approximately £400,000, without which we wouldn’t have been able to proceed.

“When these houses were built they addressed the immediate need to tackle the post-war housing crisis, but little thought was put into how the homes would fare in the future. These improvements will not only make a huge difference to the outward appearance of the properties but will significantly reduce the heating costs for the residents that live in them.”

Renewable energy company, Solar Advanced Systems has been brought on board to install the Wetherby EWI product to the outside lower level walls of each of the houses. The insulation will reduce the amount of heat lost through the walls from 3.14W/m²K to 0.30W/m²K, making them much cheaper to heat.

The project is currently underway and will be taking place at sites across Wiltshire over the coming 12 weeks. For more information, please contact Marc Brooker on marc.brooker@greensquaregroup.com.