29 Nov 2012

GreenSquare helps boost residents’ energy efficiency

GreenSquare has been working hard to ensure its homes are energy efficient and easy to heat – with one resident making a saving of over £800 a year after improvements to her property were recommended by energy advisors.

All of GreenSquare’s residents are offered Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and energy advice visits free of charge by its in-house team of energy advisors. The team recently began targeting several of the group’s Swedish timber framed houses, that were built in 1946 and can be more difficult to heat. They visited the home of Mrs Jones, a GreenSquare resident who lives near Wootton Bassett, and discovered that her home was performing poorly with regards to energy efficiency.

Darcy Pace, Project Surveyor at GreenSquare, explained: “Producing an Energy Performance Certificate for Mrs Jones’ home showed up the areas that were performing particularly poorly in the house and we drew up a plan to improve the energy efficiency.

“The upstairs rooms were covered in insulation boards to reduce heat loss and the old back boiler was removed and replaced with a modern A-rated boiler, which burns gas much more efficiently. The insulation on the hot water tank was increased and the loft insulation topped up from 100mm to 300mm (4 inches to 12 inches). The old ventilation holes for the back boiler were then filled and an electric focal fire was fitted.

“Once all the measures were complete, our Energy Advisor returned and gave Mrs Jones advice on how to use the new systems and controls and also offered free radiator reflectors with a view to saving her money.

“Thanks to the improvement works, we have managed to raise the Energy rating from 38 out of a 100 to 68 out of a 100 – an increase of 30%, which is fantastic.” Mrs Jones said: “My yearly gas and electric bills have gone down from £2,236 per year to £1,404, saving me £832 a year on energy. It makes a big difference!”

If you are a GreenSquare resident and would like more information or to arrange a visit from one of GreenSquare’s energy advisors, please call 01249 465465 in the Avon and Marden areas or 0800 980 9272 in the Isis area.

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