6 Feb 2015

GreenSquare donates safety equipment to local services

Richard and Robin from St John Ambulance Service with the crash helmets
  • Ken Neale receives the bike chains on behalf of Castle Combe FC

GreenSquare’s employment and training team has made some unusual donations recently, including giving crash helmets to St John Ambulance Service, and bike chains and locks to Castle Combe Football Club.

The equipment was used by participants on GreenSquare’s Wheels to Work programme, which provides residents on its ‘Whatever’ and What Now’ work placement schemes with a moped and safety gear to enable them to ride to work.

Sue Winter, Employment Assistant at GreenSquare, explained: “Once a participant has completed the 13 week course, they are required to hand back their moped, safety helmet, jacket and other equipment. Unfortunately, due to health and safety guidelines, we are unable to re-use the crash helmets that are handed back. We also found that we had a number of bike locks and chains, which were surplus to requirements. So rather than have the equipment pile up in the office, we were pleased to make these donations so others can get good use out of them.”

Ken Neale, Castle Combe Sportsfield Chairman, accepted the bike chains and locks on the Club’s behalf. He said: “I’d like to say a big thank you to the employment and training team for donating these to the Club. We will use the chains and locks to secure our metal goals. This will prevent them from being misused and help them to remain in a good condition for the children."

Robin Childs, an Emergency Transport Attendant for the St John Ambulance Service, accepted the helmets alongside his colleague Richard Cox. Robin said: “We are delighted to receive these used helmets. They will play a valuable part in the training that the service provides.”

The team is now looking into the possibility of donating some bike jackets to the Samaritans in Chippenham, for them to distribute to the homeless.

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