27 Apr 2017

GreenSquare demonstrates zero tolerance against violence

Last month, GreenSquare was successful in obtaining two injunctions, lasting for two years, against a female tenant and her violent partner.

The female tenant had allowed her male partner, who had a history of abusive and threatening behaviour, to stay with her at her flat in Witney. However, following an altercation with a neighbour in January 2015, which resulted in her partner stabbing the neighbour, he was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm at a criminal trial in July 2016.

After he breached his licence conditions following the hearing, the male partner was sent to prison. Prior to his release in March 2017, GreenSquare’s tenant began insisting that she would be inviting him to come and stay with her in her flat once again. 

Anna Kelly, GreenSquare’s tenancy enforcement manager, said: “We knew that we couldn’t allow this man back into one of our properties, for the safety of others and for the tenant herself. We applied for an injunction, which ordered the tenant not to invite her partner back to the address.  At the same time, we were successful in obtaining an injunction excluding him from entering the area around the flats. Both of these orders last for two years.

“We hope that this shows that we take the safety of all our tenants very seriously and will not tolerate anyone who is violent, or who threatens violence, to disrupt other tenants or the communities where we have homes.”