7 Dec 2012

GreenSquare demonstrates a smarter way of working

GreenSquare is featured in a new guide entitled ‘Smarter Ways of Working’, thanks to its innovative approach to fleet management.

The new guide, which features illustrations by Private Eye cartoonist Ed McLachlan, has been produced by performance improvement specialist HouseMark and MITIE, the FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing and energy services company. It contains over thirty practical examples showing how a variety of social landlords are extracting more value in repairs and maintenance without compromising on quality.

For GreenSquare, one of its major expenses in operating a DLO is providing vehicles for its trades people. Martyn Matthews, Group Procurement Manager at GreenSquare, explained: “Whilst many organisations choose to lease vans and other vehicles from specialist leasing companies, we feel that in the current climate, leasing really isn’t the best option.

“At present, we have a fleet of about 100 vehicles and we find that purchasing them is a much more financially viable option in the long term, especially if we maximise the life of each of vehicle. Looking at year on year cost comparisons between leasing and purchasing supports this.

“To ensure we achieve value for money, we have implemented a GreenSquare vehicle policy. It sets out that we will own each of our vehicles for at least eight years – ideally nine or ten if possible. We have established a relationship with a local commercial dealership to help manage the fleet on a day to day basis and provide us with temporary vehicles when needed. In addition, they have agreed to source good quality, nearly new vehicles for us, to help reduce initial purchase costs.

“We are also working with a fuel card provider to monitor driver habits and provide any training where necessary. And, it has proved to be a great success! We are currently enjoying a saving of £6,000 per vehicle.”

For more information and to read the guide in full, please visit www.housemark.co.uk.

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