30 Oct 2015

GreenSquare among first to trial new product from EE

GreenSquare has become one of the first companies to trial a new product from EE, which will provide temporary data coverage in places with poor phone signal, to help work begin on construction sites more quickly.

This week, EE announced a new range of products for businesses aimed at connecting workers, their customers, and machines, which included the ‘4G Rapid Site solution’, which GreenSquare is trialling.

The 4G Rapid Site is a fully-managed service providing 4G broadband, in less than three days, to ensure that construction teams do not have to wait to have a fixed broadband line installed and provisioned, which takes a month or more, on average.

Colin Bloodworth, Head of Development Services at GreenSquare, said: “As an industry we are facing increasing pressure to build more homes to address the country's housing crisis, so anything that helps us to build more quickly, and cost-effectively, is welcome. If we can get working on a site without waiting for a fixed broadband connection, then we can save money and start building more homes – it's that simple. And being connected reduces contractor rates, reduces travel costs, improves carbon footprint, and gives an overall improved productivity.”

GreenSquare’s IT and Construction teams have been working closely with EE to trial the new product, which has been installed at one of GreenSquare's development sites in Chipping Norton.

EE sent along a film crew to the site to document the installation and interview some of the key staff members involved, including Mark Gingell, ICT Service Manager, Jeff Watkins, Contracts Manager, Andrew Mullings, Site Manager, and John Hammersley, Site Manager.

Click here to view EE's film to find out more.


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