9 Dec 2015

Gloucester Pullman Court office is closing

From January 2016 GreenSquare is moving to having a single Gloucester office – at Chedworth House, Green Farm Business Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 4LY. This means we are closing the office at Pullman Court on Great Western Road.

Why is this happening?

In recent months, we have been reviewing the services we offer to customers and how we offer them across the Group. Part of this is about us being more efficient in our use of office accommodation. GreenSquare currently has offices in Chippenham, Swindon, Oxford, and two in Gloucester: at Chedworth House, in Quedgeley, and at Pullman Court, near the city centre. After carefully considering all relevant factors, we have decided the most efficient and cost effective way forward is to have a single GreenSquare Gloucester office, at Chedworth House.

How will I contact GreenSquare now?

You will be able to use the existing Gloucestershire contact numbers and email addresses to get in touch with us, and will continue to receive the same high quality level of service you are used to.

Phone 01452 505359 or email info.glos@greensquaregroup.com.

The number of customers visiting our Pullman Court office has been declining for some time – and the vast majority of you now choose to contact us in other ways, with phone being the most popular contact method. This is a result of there being less reason to visit the office in person, following the end of payments being accepted at all our offices, and housing officer appointments being arranged at customers’ homes or other convenient locations.

Our customer service team (based in Chippenham) will provide one-stop services for customers who choose to contact us by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, through our website, or by letter. They will answer queries relating to repairs, rents, payments, housing options, and tenancies.

Will I have to go to Quedgeley?

Staff in roles based locally, such as housing officer, will still make home visits. And although there will not be a reception service in Gloucester, customers will be able to make appointments for face to face meetings. These pre-arranged meetings can be held not only at Chedworth House, but also at other locations, such as Dickens Close, to be as convenient for customers as possible.

Any questions about these changes?

Please get in touch.

Phone 01452 505359

Email info.glos@greensquaregroup.com



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