30 Nov 2017

GDASS to take part in 'Blooming Strong' campaign

As part of Gloucestershire’s 16 days of action, Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) is joining organisations across the county to take part in the ‘Blooming Strong’ campaign.  

On Wednesday 6 December, GDASS alongside Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre and The Nelson Trust will be recognising the contribution their staff make to the lives of women affected by violence, and honouring the strength and resilience of those who access their services. 

Blooming Strong celebrates the emotional strength and resilience of women by presenting a variety of women with a single flower – to those who are accessing services and working within services, to local women in leadership roles and to local women in the community. 

GDASS will be presenting its staff and volunteers with flowers, in recognition of the work they do to support women affected by domestic violence.  

To those who are accessing GDASS services, they will be presenting a potted spring bulb, which they can tend to and watch grow. 

Sally Morrissey, GDASS Support Services Manager, said: “This campaign is all about recognising the contribution staff make to the lives of women affected by violence, and honouring the strength, resilience and recovery of women who use our services, through the exchange of flowers.

“Very often at this time of year women are portrayed as victims of crime. We want to turn that around to promote the strength that women show either by surviving in an abusive relationship, continuing to get through each day despite the abuse, or leaving a relationship and starting out again, often with no more than they can carry.” 

The Blooming Strong campaign was started by Standing Together in 2014 and it is rolled out across the UK every year. The idea is to encourage women that they to have the strength to survive, leave, move forward and recover from gender based violence.

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) is a county-wide service designed to reduce the level of domestic abuse and improve the safety of victims and their families. Operating in all districts, GDASS is delivered by GreenSquare and Splitz Support Service, and offers a variety of support programmes for women and men over 16 years old who are experiencing domestic abuse.

For more information, visit www.gdass.org.uk 

Phone: 0845 602 9035 or Email: support@gdass.org.uk  

Twitter: @GDASS_