9 Dec 2019

GDASS launches new website as part of 16 Days of Action

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) has launched its new website, designed to help those experiencing domestic abuse, to coincide with 16 Days of Action.

GDASS is a county-wide service working to reduce the level of domestic abuse and improve the safety of victims and their families. The new website has been designed to make it easier and quicker for people to access the help they need.

Heather Downer, Service Manager (GDASS), said: "We are pleased to be launching our new website, which will provide an enhanced, digital platform for people experiencing domestic violence to learn more about the help and advice that’s available to them.

“With online referral forms, for both self-referral and professional referral, the website makes it quicker and easier to contact us. It also includes support for young people, and for professionals whose role it is to support those experiencing domestic abuse.

“We hope that by having this updated online presence, we will be able to provide help and support to more people affected by domestic abuse."

16 Days of Action runs between Monday 25 November ‘Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls International day’ and Tuesday 10 December ‘Human Rights’ day. During this time, organisations, groups and communities have joined forces to promote healthy relationships and raise awareness of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and other related issues.

Heather Downer continued: "As well as launching our new website, over the past two weeks we have been working hard to educate and inform the community about domestic abuse and sexual violence, and how to support family, friends and community members.

“Our team has been out across the county running a whole host of pop-up events and awareness stands with various other organisations in the county, to raise awareness of the service GDASS provides."

Visit the new GDASS website here www.gdass.org.uk.


Photo: Clare Woodhouse, Deputy Service Manager (GDASS) and Heather Downer, Service Manager (GDASS) explore the new GDASS website, designed to make it easier for those experiencing domestic abuse to access the help and support they need.




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