27 Jan 2020

Demonstrating zero tolerance against criminal behaviour

A man from Witney, Oxford, who continually breached the terms of an injunction against him, has received a suspended prison sentence and been excluded from his family home. 

GreenSquare initially obtained the injunction against the adult son of one of its Witney tenants in March 2018. This was to prevent him from causing a nuisance, threatening anyone with violence, and allowing the property he lived in to be used for using, possessing or dealing in any illegal substances.  

This injunction also prevented certain associates rom visiting the address.  

However, in early 2019, GreenSquare received reports that the man had been breaching the injunction, but the victims were too intimidated to report the matter to the police, or to allow their evidence to be used in courtby GreenSquare.

Following reports of drug dealing from the property, GreenSquare liaised with the police, who carried out a raid in December 2019. The man was subsequently arrested, for offences including for breaching the injunction. 

At a court hearing in January 2020, the man was sentenced to six weeks in prison – suspended for 12 months – and banned from living at the GreenSquare property in Witney address for two years.  

Jo Dancer, Tenancy Enforcement Officer, at GreenSquare said: “We are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour in neighbourhoods where we have homes and, in situations like this, we work very closely with the local police to ensure that problems are dealt with. 

“We will continue to take the action required to preserve and maintain other residents’ right to a peaceful and safe living environment and will not tolerate any behaviour that impacts on this

“If any of our residents are experiencing problems with ASB, we urge them to get in touch with us – we will work with our partners, including the local police, to resolve the issues.”