30 Dec 2013

Crash helmets donated to Wiltshire Ambulance Service

GreenSquare has recently donated crash helmets to Wiltshire Ambulance Service for use in its training programmes.

The crash helmets were used by participants on GreenSquare’s Wheels to Work programme, which provides residents on its ‘Whatever’ and What Now’ work placement schemes with a moped and safety gear to enable them to ride to work.

Sue Winter, Employment Assistant at GreenSquare, explained: “Once a participant has completed the 13 week course, they are required to hand back their moped and safety helmet. Unfortunately, due to health and safety guidelines, we are unable to re-use the crash helmets that are handed back, so we found that they were starting to pile up in our office.

“The Wiltshire Ambulance Service is always looking for equipment that it can use for its training courses, so we were delighted to be able to donate the helmets to them.”

GreenSquare donated seven helmets in total, with the promise of more whenever they become available.

Jayne Darling-Parkes, Director of Wiltshire Ambulance Service, said: “During our first aid training course, we teach our experts how to safely remove helmets from crash victims. As we aren’t looking to use the helmets out on the road, it is OK for us to use second-hand ones, which makes the helmets given to us by GreenSquare ideal.

“When the next set of people start on GreenSquare’s Wheels to Work programme, we have offered to come along and offer a first aid and safety session, to help the participants understand the need to be cautious on the road and to make full use of the safety gear that’s given to them.”

Wiltshire Ambulance Service is an Independent Private Ambulance Service providing professional medical cover to the NHS, Corporate Ambulance Services and the Private Sector.

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