28 Jun 2017

Corsham residents donate bench in loving memory

Residents at Jargeau Court, one of GreenSquare's 55+ schemes in Corsham, have honoured fellow resident, Dennis Witt, who passed away earlier this year, by arranging for a bench to be installed at the scheme in his memory.

Dennis, who lived at Jargeau Court for 26 years with his wife June, was a keen gardener and tended to the beautiful gardens at the scheme. Over the years, Dennis worked extremely hard in the garden nearly every day, bedding plants, weeding, and keeping everything up together.

All of the residents at Jargeau Court donated money towards the cost of the bench, which also has an engraved plaque on it, in loving memory of Dennis.

June Witt, Dennis' wife, said: "As soon as we moved here, Dennis set about to bring colour to the building's grey walls through his love of gardening. He was well liked by the other residents, who often took photographs of his tubs and hanging baskets to send to family and friends."

The gardens at Jargeau have frequently won awards in the Corsham in Bloom competition.

Mrs Witt added: "Jargeau is very fortunate to have a keen group of gardeners who are continuing Dennis' work and keeping the garden's tubs and hanging baskets as beautiful as ever."