5 Jul 2012

Community portraits street show

Giant photographic portraits of Cowley residents will be on show to traffic and passers-by on Barns Road, Oxford, from Friday (6 July) – thanks to a tie-up between a local artist and the housing developer Haboakus, the joint venture between housing group GreenSquare and Hab.

Haboakus is finalising its proposal to redevelop the land at Barns Road that previously housed the old Cowley Community Centre – and is funding the installation of the portraits on the wooden panel hoardings that surround the site.

Local artist Giles Davies has photographed local people holding an object dear to them. Words under each portrait reveal their thoughts on that object.

Giles Davies said: "This series of portraits and reflections is about creating a community portrait - one that celebrates diversity and shared history. It's exciting for all of us to see the portraits displayed in this way and to know that so many people will see them.

"Although only 10 portraits are on display in this first set, I have already photographed many more Cowley residents – and, because this is an ongoing project, I'd love to hear from anyone else interested in taking part." Giles can be contacted at the ArkT Centre on Crowell Road, or by email: giles.arkt@gmail.com

GreenSquare's Richard Grant said: "We're delighted to provide a platform for this great project. Haboakus is a community-focused developer which is why we put so much effort into talking to local people about our development plans for this site. And it's why we are so pleased to see the diversity of the local community celebrated in this way."

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