4 Oct 2013

Changes to repair services

We’re planning to harmonise, across the GreenSquare Group, our response to requests for repairs. This will ensure that our residents receive clear guidance, wherever they live, about our service – and how it compares to other landlords.

So let’s start by looking at National benchmarking timescales for other landlords. The column on the left shows the type of repair and the time on the rights shows the maximum number of days they will make the repair by:
Emergency – 24 hours
Urgent – 7 calendar days
Routine – 28 calendar days

Our proposed new Group timescales, which will be introduced from October 2013 are:
Emergency – 24 hours
Urgent – 5 working days
Routine – 20 working days
Programme Repairs – 60 days

You’ll be interested to know that, on average, GreenSquare Isis’s repairs are carried out within the following timescales:
Emergency – same day response
Urgent – 2 working days
Routine – 9 working days
Programme Repairs – 60 days
And we have every intention of maintaining those times.

If you have any questions regarding these changes then please do not hesitate to contact Tav Sahota, Customer Repairs Manager, on 01865 773000 or freephone 0800 980 9272.

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