10 Jan 2013

Calne man warned after drugs case

GreenSquare has obtained a two year Suspended Possession Order against a Calne resident meaning that he must keep to the terms of his tenancy agreement or face losing his home.

The order from Swindon County Court against the resident in Coleman’s Farm, Calne has been obtained following the discovery by local police and GreenSquare staff that he had been using his flat to cultivate cannabis. In addition, a number of weapons were also seized and removed from the property.

The conditions of the order state that the resident must keep to the terms of his tenancy agreement by not causing a nuisance or using his property for illegal purposes. It was also agreed that the weapons seized by the police would no longer be kept by him in any property owned or managed by GreenSquare. The order allows GreenSquare officers to inspect the premises at any time during daylight hours.

The consequence of breaking these terms would cause the resident to lose his home.

Anna Kelly, Senior Antisocial Behaviour Officer at GreenSquare, said: “We applied to Swindon County Court for possession of the property as the amount of cannabis plants and the extent of the enterprise was a serious breach of tenancy conditions. In addition, we felt the presence of the cache of weapons posed a serious danger to neighbours and staff. We have worked very closely with the local police to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. We will continue to monitor our resident and take any further action necessary.”

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