6 May 2020

Beware of cold callers! How to recognise GreenSquare staff

There have been reports recently of doorstep scams taking place at homes across Wiltshire.

Doorstep scams are when someone comes to your door with the aim of scamming you out of your money or trying to gain access to your home to steal items from inside. We have also received reports of people pretending to be GreenSquare members of staff to try and carry out these scams.

Here are some things to remember to help you recognise our staff:

- GreenSquare tradespeople are easily identifiable by their GreenSquare-branded uniforms - this is a green top with our logo and blue trousers.

- All GreenSquare staff members will always have an identity badge with them, which they should be wearing around their neck. If the badge isn't immediately visible, you can ask the member of staff if you can take a closer look at it.

- Our trade operatives will never ask you for money before, or after completing a repair within your home.

- All appointments are normally pre-arranged with you, and you will know what the reason for the visit is. If we have an up to date phone number for you, you will receive a text message to confirm that one of our operatives is on their way.

If you are at all worried, please call our main number (01249 465465), select the option to report an emergency repair, and explain the situation so that we can check the details.

Here are some top tips to follow to make sure you don't fall victim to a doorstep scam:

- Always ask for an identity card of a caller and examine it carefully. GreenSquare staff, legitimate officials and tradespeople will always have an identity badge with them and should be wearing it around their neck.

- Stop and think about whether you're expecting anyone - if you aren't expecting any visitors that day then think twice about answering the door.

- Be on guard when you open the door. Put the chain on if you have one, or perhaps look through a window or spyhole to see who is there before you answer.

- Make sure all your other doors are secure before you answer the front door, just in case the person at the door is planning to distract you while an accomplice gets in through a back door.

Finally, remember if you're not sure, don't answer the door. If you're really suspicious or the caller won't leave and you feel that you're in danger, dial 999. Call the police non-emergency number 101 if you’re not in immediate danger but want to report an incident.