4 Aug 2015

Are you paying the bedroom tax?

If you have been paying under-occupancy charges - known as the bedroom tax - and are willing to share your experiences, we'd like to hear from you!

GreenSquare is working with researchers from the London School of Economics and asking residents affected by the charges to give a brief account of how this has impacted them. 

The goal is to collect hundreds of examples of how people are being affected by the bedroom tax up and down the country and to publish these experiences online.

Suzanne Wigmore, GreenSquare's Welfare Reform project manager, said: "We are concerned about the way the bedroom tax is affecting residents and would like you to have the opportunity to share your experience of this policy.

"You will be asked what you use your 'spare room' for and what is has been like to pay the bedroom tax. Your responses will be kept anonymous but posted on a dedicated website designed to show the real effects of the bedroom tax."

If you'd be interested in sharing your experiences, contact Suzanne Wigmore by emailing suzanne.wigmore@greensquaregroup.com.

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