7 Oct 2020

A reminder of ways to pay your rent

With so many restrictions making an impact on our daily lives, we wanted to remind you there are a number of ways for you to pay your rent without having to leave your home. 

You can pay by direct debit, online with myGreenSquare or by calling our contact centre and making a payment over the phone. 

Paying by phone

To make things even more straight forward and secure, we have recently changed the way card payments are made over the phone. You will now need to enter your card information yourself using the numbers on your phone keypad while you are on the phone to us. This is a safe way of taking card payments and means your details are processed as securely as possible reducing the risk of theft and fraud. 

Julianne Britton, GreenSquare's Head of Customer Services, said: "Our new system will take your payment details securely, keeping your card details private. This means our customer service officers will no longer be able to take your card details from you during a call. Instead you will need to key them in when you are asked to while you’re on the phone to us. Don’t worry, if you're unsure about using the system, our customer service officers will talk you through what you need to do."

To make a payment by phone, simply call 01249 465465 with your debit card in front of you and either choose option 1 to use our fully automated service or hold to speak to an officer who help you make the payment while you’re on the phone.

To pay online with myGreenSquare

Sign in (or register) at my.greensquaregroup.com and choose the ‘Make a payment’ button for the account you want to pay. Doing this will take you to another secure web page where your account number will already be filled in.

To pay by bank direct debit

Please contact us on 01249 465465 and we can set this up for you over the phone.

For information about all the ways you can pay your rent, click here

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