Right to buy/acquire

You may be able to buy your home in certain circumstances.

Right to Buy

You may be able to buy your home if you:

  • transferred from the Council to GreenSquare (NWHA/Westlea) in December 1995;
  • don’t live in sheltered property or a home adapted for a disabled person;
  • have never had any legal problems with debt; and
  • do not have any possession orders against you for example for rent arrears.

Right To Acquire

You may be able to buy if:

  • your property was bought by GreenSquare (Westlea) after March 1997 with some Government subsidy;
  • the property you live in is not in a rural area; 
  • you don't live in sheltered or other housing specifically for elderly or disabled people; and
  • you don't have any outstanding possession orders against you because you have breached the terms of your tenancy agreement.

For more information about whether you qualify and for information about the application process please contact Chris Banner, Property Sales and RTB Officer at GreenSquareAccord on 01249 466045 or email Chris at chris.banner@greensquareaccord.co.uk.

Please note: this website is for customers in the South and South West or who were previously GreenSquare customers. If you have an enquiry about Right to Buy or Right to Acquire and live in the Midlands/North or were previously an Accord customer please email: BusinessSupportCommunities@greensquareaccord.co.uk

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