Rent a garage

GreenSquare has a few garages in the North Wiltshire area for rent, both to its residents and to private householders.

The rental charges for garages are:

GreenSquare tenants: £7.87 per week. If a GreenSquare tenant requires a second garage, that costs £9 per week.

Private tenants: £11.49 per week

The rent is 4-weeks payable in advance, after which you will need to pay by direct debit.
If you are interested in letting one of the garages, please call 01249 465465  or email Jon at

Available Garages

The following garages are available

Parking space:  3 Park Terrace, Thame (Monthly tenancy at a rent of £40.92)

Garage Waiting List

GreenSquare tenants are able to put their name on the garage waiting list. Being on the waiting list means you will be contacted when a garage near you becomes available. To put your name on the waiting list please download the garage application form, complete it, and return it to GreenSquare.