Rent a garage

GreenSquareAccord has garages in the North Wiltshire area for rent. Priority to rent a garage is given to GreenSquareAccord residents.

The rental charges for garages are:

GreenSquareAccord residents – renting a single garage: £9.00 per week
GreenSquareAccord residents – renting a second garage: £11.50 per week
Non-GreenSquareAccord residents: £13.80 per week

The weekly rent is payable four weeks in advance and we encourage all our customers to pay by direct debit. If you decide to pay by direct debit, we will ask you to complete and return a direct debit form to set up ongoing payments.

If you are interested in letting one of our vacant garages, please call 0300 111 7000 or email our garage team at

Garage waiting list

GreenSquareAccord tenants are able to put their name on the garage waiting list. Being on the waiting list means you will be contacted when a garage near you becomes available. To put your name on the waiting list please download the garage application form, complete it, and return it to GreenSquareAccord.


Returning your garage to us

If you decide to return your garage, we will ask you to submit a termination form to end your agreement with us. The termination of a garage licence requires one weeks’ clear notice from Monday until the following Sunday. For example, if you sign the termination form on a Tuesday, the date of termination will be one week from the following Monday.

Before handing in the keys please make sure that:

  • the garage is clean and clear (we will recharge the cost of clearing any belongings to you so please ensure these are removed); and
  • your rent account is clear with no payments outstanding.

Returning your keys:

  • All keys should be handed in on or before 12 noon on the Monday on which the licence ends.
  • If the keys are handed in after 12 noon you will be charged rent until the locks are changed.
  • If you are returning keys by post, please send them by recorded delivery in a secure envelope with the garage address, tenant’s name and contact details included.
  • You will be liable for any lock change costs if the keys are not received by us on the agreed date.

Your garage rent account will not be closed until the keys have been returned to us.

If you pay by standing order, you will need to cancel this with your bank.

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